There are two different types of badminton children can do. One is take it as recreation/leisure activity and the other one is do it as competitive sports activity. Sometimes children enjoy badminton as a pure leisure activity and later becomes a competitive serious player.

I see very often that there are many parents who have a lot of desire and hope for their child to become an outstanding badminton player. But their child has no desire to play badminton competitively rather just enjoy. Parents are forcing their child to train many hours and let them play many competitions and it becomes really painful to their child. The parent’s investment in their child is totally wasted and not only that, it makes for a poor relationship between the parents and their child.

Sometimes, someone’s child has so much potential and the child has the personality to be a real competitor and is able to become a world class badminton player. The player that has got the talent and personality is only seen once in a hundred years, but the parents do not see it and the child’s potential and bright future to become an outstanding player in the world is never developed.

If you see and feel that your child has badminton talent and you would like to help your child’s badminton training to be a great player, you must check your child’s personality first. My 50 years of coaching experience tells me that personality is the most important factor to be an outstanding player in sports in the world. There are people that are not able to accept losing. The person’s personality does not accept losing from the whole of their heart, to their toes to their head. The person automatically believes they can win any competition. They will find a way to win. They are willing to do seriously extreme training to win.

On the other side, there are children who do not like to face any kind of competition, do not like the tension and feeling of competing. When children are young, the length of time that they play is a key factor to whether they win or lose. Even if your child does not have a competitive personality, if they played longer and their body is taller than other children they can beat them. They played more time than other children but at a later stage that would not be the winning factor.

In the world of badminton after the junior badminton stage the player’s personality plays the most important role to win competitions. I have seen many good junior players who are talented and won many titles in their young ages but gave up badminton when they reach 18-19 years old.

A tiger can not be turned in to a rabbit. A rabbit can not be turned into a tiger.

If you want to see your child be a world class badminton player then check if your child has a kind of self pride and is not afraid of competing against anybody. They love the competitions. Sometimes your child does not look like a tiger but some children shows it when they’re older or the child does not look like a tiger but they has the tiger personality deep inside and it comes out later. Sometimes you think your child looks like a tiger but deep inside they do not really like competition and their real personality shows later. You may need time to see the real personality of your child.

Check your child’s personality. Personality is born and 99% of the time a coach is not able to change it. I do not say it is impossible to change but very much unlikely anyone can change a child’s personality. This is the number 1 step you have to get right if you have the desire for your kid to be world class badminton player. In case you find your child’s personality is not for sports then check other areas as they may have fantastic talent to be the best in the world in other fields. In this case just let them enjoy badminton as a hobby and recreation/leisure activity. I believe that all children are good at something and it is the parent’s job to identify what that is.