Accuracy Beats Power

When I see 100 club level badminton players and rising competitive level badminton players, about 80-90 of the players are turning their bodies before they hit clear, drop and smash. It is also the same when they do forehand and backhand drive and net kills.

I ask them a simple question “Why you turn your body sideways before you hit?” Most of them reply to me that “I have been told to this to generate more power” It sounds like that “I need to generate power to win” or “If I have power, I can win” or “The players are losing because they do not have the power”

There are some serious questions I can ask this statement or these players and coaches who have the same opinion.

Who will win? If 70 years old lady who has 5 years badminton playing experience plays against the World no 1 weight lifter who has no badminton experience? The lady will win 100% Why? She will hit much more accurately and she will hit much harder with her skills than the world no 1 weight lifter.

Who will win? If 10 years old a girl who has 3 years badminton experience plays against the World's strongest man with no badminton experience?

Of course, the young girl will win 100%. Why? For the same reasons, I stated above.

It is the same in competitive badminton world. The player who hits smash hardest in the world becomes world no 1? The answer is no.

The second question I have is that is turning the body and making a circle, winding big swing make or increase power on the shots? No! It is the opposite. By doing such swing/action most of the time the players lose power and control. Instead, these types of actions decrease the power and causing some serious problems in winning a match.

In my 50 years of badminton experience as player and coach tells me that making big turning and winding swing does not increase power but causes many problems and decrease power. I have explained why so in many of my coaching clips previously made.

Furthermore, power is not the first important factor in winning a badminton match it is much more so in singles. Having hitting skills that provide accuracy is 10 times more important than the skill just have power (many times in real match players are under many situations which are not able to use such big actions).

Once you have the skill for accuracy, adding power to the skill is very easy. In this way, you have first, the accuracy and second, you have the power.

When you practice, practice accuracy first then try to add power to the skill. This way, you are far more likely to have the right advanced skill, less injury on your elbow, wrist, and shoulder. And a lot more advanced shots you will be able to perform in your later stages.

Remember, the player who can control his/her shots and able to hit more accurate shots beats the player who has power but has no control.

And most importantly you must seek and search for the skills which give the control, accuracy and deceptions (normally simple and compact hitting actions give those qualities in your shots.

Learning and practicing the wrong skill for 1 month will need 1 year to correct it or sometimes never be able to correct it. Having the wrong skill will reduce your potential to achieve 10 out of 10 to 3 out of 10.

It is wise and so much more beneficial for you to study, search and test different ways of hitting skills before you spent much time to train with the skill to be an outstanding player. When you found out later the skill you have chosen was not the best but the worst one, it will be too late.