In the 2nd year of middle school, the training got much harder. A lot of footwork training and multi-shuttlecock training. I did not have any reason or goal in badminton. I just followed the training.

This was the year I behaved very lazily and I tried to find all the possible ways to not do the hard training. The two things I remember I did to avoid hard training were:

When we had to multi-shuttlecock training we easily had to do 100 smashes and a lot more of other shots. I did not like this training. I hated it. During this time not many of us had more than one racket as it was very expensive.

Also, we were able to repair and restring the racket by ourselves using a few things. It was a common thing to do during this time as having a string machine was not possible.

When I had to this multi-shuttlecock smash training, I intentionally smashed a bit early to hit the shuttlecock at the top of the racket where the horizontal string is not there (weak area). When I hit the shuttlecock in this area, the chances of breaking the string was very high.

I wanted to break my racket string by doing it and then sit down and repair my racket and rest from the training. I was successful sometimes. I think it was only me doing such a thing and I think no one knew what I was trying to do.

There was another trick I did to be excluded from the hard training. When I look back, it was a very dangerous thing to do but I did a few times. During break time, I went to the toilet. In the toilet, I put my head lower than my heart and stopped breathing. By doing that my blood went to my head and when I put more pressure, sometimes my nose was bleeding. I went to the coach and told him and showed him that my nose was bleeding and the coach asked me to rest. I was a very seriously lazy player this year.

When we went to the middle school national championship, I remember that I lost 1-15 and 3-15 (that time we played to 15 points and you get a point only when you serve) to one of the top players in middle school. It was like a beginner playing against a professional player.