Singles Match Play Tactic Advice

Try to use more straight shots!

I do know that many club players are using cross shots, cross net, cross drive, cross smash, cross drop shots.

If you have lost to an opponent very closely in single then next time use more straight shots then you may able to beat the same player.

Straight drop, straight clear, straight smash, straight net drop shot. I am not saying that do not use cross shot at all but use cross shot only when you have very good reason for and so obvious situations. Other then that use much more straight shots. You will play 10-15% better. Why? If you use cross shot you may win from it but same time, this shot allows your opponent to attack you and win. If you use straight shot, you may win and if you do not win from this shot, this shot unlikely allow or give opportunity to your opponent to attack you or make damaging shot to you. If you do not win from your straight shot, you are still safe from your opponent’s return when you do straight shot.

Cross shot is only good when your opponent is not aware/ready for it but if your opponent is ready for your cross shot then you lose the point 99%. Simple straight and early net drop is three times better then cross net drop. Straight simple deep clear is two times better then cross clear. It is same with drop shot and smash. Sometime cross shot is good and I can say they are advanced shots but much more times cross shot puts you under pressure and helping your opponent to get point and beat you. Straight shots is so much more advanced and it gives much more pain to your opponent to return and very hard to win a point from it.

When you do cross shot, normally you have to move much more and your opponent move much less and eventually your opponent win a point from it. If you do straight shot, you move less, your opponent have to move much more then you.

Try to use more straight shots from today and find out the benefits of it.