I am South Korean. I am currently 59 years of age in 2019. I was born in a middle-sized city, Suwon, near the Capital of South Korea. My father was tall, strong and good at sport. My mother really liked sports also. She did swimming, bowling, tennis and badminton (I introduced badminton to her and my father).

I have two brothers and one sister (I was the youngest). When I was young, I was big and tall. I did not have the chance to spend much time with my father as he was busy running his business. I spent most of my time with my mother and so I was really influenced by her. Both my father and mother had passed away. My father was a very hot-tempered man and he was very strong on what he liked and believed in. However, at the same time, a very soft-hearted person. My mother had a very strong inner strength but always put other people first before herself. Respect other people, help other people and give the best thing to other people was the morals that she followed through her life.

I think I got both personalities from my father and mother. All my life, I always feel heat and fire in my heart but at the same time I have been educated to control my temper and respect other people by my mother. Both personalities have been shown in my training and coaching. I am nearly 60 but I can feel the same personality is still in myself.

During the first year the coach to the school club told my father that I should stop badminton as I was too slow, no badminton talent and too fat for it. I understand why the coach told my father like that. When I had to do drop and net, after I did net shot, I could not stop my body and I had to pass the net and only able to stop my self on the other side court. My father sincerely did ask the coach to keep me in the club and I remained in the club.

Training was very hard, but I did not enjoy it at all. Sometimes I did not go for training and most of time I did training very lazy way. I was doing that way during the first year of my Middle school time.