What is the best tactic in Badminton?

In my opinion, the best tactic is to be able to select the best shot at each given situation!

Every situation is unique and the best shot at each moment is different. For example, my opponent made straight clear to my backhand rear court 10 times. The speed, height, length, where he hits from, he hits it with deception or not, the speed of his return to the base after his shot and so on is all different. Further more, at each time, my situation is all different too. If I was aware of his clear? So I could take it early, or I was expecting him to hit other corners? So I am much late. I was able to take his clear in front of my body or behind my body? My reaction at the 10 times are all different. It is therefore the best shot at each 10 times are not same.

Be able to aware my opponent's shot, sensing his intention and expectation from me. Fully aware of my situation and be able to select the best shot after considering which speed, height, depth, timing of hit, types of deception, which corner, sense my opponent expectation is the best tactic.

Some says that opponent has big smash therefore not to lift! But there is time he must lift in a match. Having idea of “NOT TO LIFT” “HE HAS BIG SMASH” limits the player’s choice and play very negatively.

Some other may say, do not hit that corner as he has very tricky shot from the corner! It is same, there is time that hitting the corner is the best shot. Advising tactics to a player is a very difficult thing and sometime it is very dangerous thing. Sometime advisingwrong tactics or advising tactics not the ideal way, player can get very fixed idea and play much less then his/her real ability.

The best way is to understand common tactics such as when to do cross shots and when to do straight shots. Why this time clear or drop shot is much better then smash. Why and when to hit same corner rather then hit different corners at each time is better. Learn to aware all the factors at each moment in a match and player must be able to learn to select best shot at each moment.

There are some players and coaches who trying to beat opponent by only using good tactics instead of having painful harder training then opponent. Tactic only works when two players level is similar or very little different. The first thing to do is train good skills, sweat much more then opponent and make feet faster then tactic can work. Same time if a player select worst shot at each moment, he/she could lose to a player who is weaker.

Do not have a fixed idea on tactics but try to select the best shot at each moment. Remember, each moment is unique, therefore the best shot each moment is different.