No matter what level of experience you have, these online courses will provide the proper foundational and advanced techniques required to advance your badminton game to new levels.

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From now on (October 2019) All the new clips are going to published on Course 501-12 month Singles Course & Course 502-12 Coaches Course.

The content of Badminton, My Life & My Path and Parents Advices will be added on "BLOG"

I am aiming to publish new BLOG and new clips once a week (Course 501 & 502).

Would you please check BLOG and Course 501 & 502 each week.

* I am very happy to hear from members about any topics you would like me to cover.

Please do let me know I will try make the clips.

Lee Jae Bok Badminton School Coaching Certifications

Who can apply?

The All Access Monthly Subscription Members can apply after being 12 month membership.

Who is the examiner?

Coach Lee Jae Bok

How many different certifications available to apply?


Level Doubles

Mixed doubles


What should I do to obtain the certification?

You have to record the required skills and upload them to (YouTube or other platform you wish) for coach Lee to view and he will let you know if you are passed or not. In case if you are not passed coach Lee will explain why and what areas you need to improve.

What are the things I have to record and show coach Lee?

The detailed skills you to record and upload for Coach Lee to view in each areas will be published in May 2019.

How many times can I try to pass the test/s?

You can try as many times as you wish

Are there fees for the application/s for the test/s?

NO, there is no fees for it.

If I pass the test, what will I get?

You will get two things.

  1. Official Certification Letter issued by Coach Lee
  2. Your name and your photo will be on our school website unless you wish not to be.

What other things I must know?

Please note that the certificate/s issued by Coach Lee is purely your own satisfaction of achieving it.

How can I apply for the test?

Please contact Coach Lee directly and he will let you know what you should do. Before you apply, please note that you must be All Access Monthly Subscription Member for 12 month first.